A woman holding her chin and looking up while thinking. Botox is an amazing breakthrough, where you’ll see forehead lines, crow’s feet, and more just melt away—while still looking natural and youthful. But how long does it take for Botox to work? You’re going to find out how fast it can be, the options you have, and how to work with Dr. Sal quickly.

How long does it take for Botox to work?

It’s possible to start seeing results after 3–4 days. But the typical wait time is about 10–14 days for full results. Also, your results can last for 3–6 months. On the other hand: If you’re looking for a mild change with Botox, your dentist could give you a lighter dose that’ll make your smooth skin look very natural, which could last around 6–8 weeks. On the other end of the spectrum: You could get a heavy dose that lasts around six months or more, although that would make your facial muscles look less natural. With Dr. Salvatore Infantino (Dr. Sal), you’ll discuss the balance you want between:
  • Your aesthetic goal
  • How long you want your results to last
  • The dosage
Dr. Sal is experienced in all specific goals and doses, so let him know what you need.

Does Botox take longer to work on certain facial regions?

Our patients often want Botox treatments for skin lines on their foreheads, between their eyebrows, and/or around their eyes. You can often see results in these areas quickly, especially when skin lines are mild. But if, for example, the lines in the forehead are deeply etched, results can take longer. It’s only natural for big results to take a little more time. Plus, larger muscles (like the forehead) take a little more time to respond fully than smaller muscles do. So, the amount of time you’ll wait is determined by:
  • The severity of skin lines or wrinkles
  • The size of the muscles
  • The concentration of Botox Dr. Sal injects
  • The method of injection
But remember: If you expect to wait about 10–14 days to see full results, we’re confident that you won’t be disappointed.

Why does Botox take time to work?

A Botox treatment works gradually. The medication slows down the signals that tell your muscles to tighten. And it takes a few days to catch all those signals and relax your facial muscles. When those muscles lose tension, this results in smoother skin, making the wrinkles disappear.

Are you looking for a Botox provider near Pittston, PA?

Botox injections require medical training. The procedure might look like a few simple injections—and Dr. Sal strives to make it quick and easy on you—but it comes from a careful study of facial anatomy, along with other training and education. Dr. Sal will work out the precise placement of your injections and the correct dosage. Imagine how youthful your skin can look! Contact us to discuss your cosmetic goals. Request An Appointment Or by: Our dental office proudly serves Pittston, PA... opens in a new window to Google Maps... and surrounding communities, including Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, Harding Falls, and Kingston.