Why a Dentist Is a Better Provider for Dermal Fillers and Botox for TMJ

A woman in TMJ pain and holding her jaw before getting dermal fillers and botox

When you think of Botox or dermal fillers, you probably think of plastic surgeons, dermatologists, or beauty salons.

But does a dentist come to mind?

Dentists are highly trained in facial anatomy, so not surprisingly, they’re actually a better provider for facial treatments like this. In addition to aesthetics, they can use Botox and fillers to treat TMJ pain and migraines.

While not widely known, these facial injections have the power to ease jaw pain.

We get it…

A dentist doing Botox doesn’t sound as elegant as a world-class spa treatment, but let’s dive deeper into TMJ and Botox.

In a case concerning jaw pain – TMJ pain relief would be the main reason for Botox or dermal fillers.

It’s worth noting – the safe procedure would also give patients a refreshed and more youthful look. But this is just a secondary benefit.

At Salvatore J Infantino DMD, we’ve treated people suffering from jaw pain caused by TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder) with Botox and will help you understand how this works.

First, let’s redefine the use of these treatments for TMJ therapy. Too many people associate facial injections like these with only one thing – beauty.

But Botox and dermal fillers can do so much more and have other benefits besides the obvious.

Dermal fillers and Botox are forms of TMJ therapy to ease tension and pain in the face, including TMJ pain.

They can be used to relax the face, which decreases tension in the jaw.

Can a dentist administer Botox?

Dentists who complete specialized training for Botox can administer the injection for cosmetic purposes or pain relief caused by TMD or migraines.

Their experience and knowledge of facial anatomy make dentists an excellent choice for these treatments. They also have a thorough understanding of oral systemic health, making treatment safe and reliable.

Another reason why dentists are the better provider for Botox and dermal fillers is their experience in injecting anesthetics to the facial region and making the injection process as quick and painless as possible.

Botox at the dentist’s office doesn’t sound so strange or crazy anymore, now does it?

A man feeling pain-free and smiling after getting Botox treatments at Salvatore J. Infantino, DMD

Botox injections for TMJ explained:

TMJ disorder causes a tight feeling in the jaw and leads to facial and neck pain and headaches.

But how does Botox help?

Botox relaxes the facial muscles to decrease this jaw tension. It also minimizes clenching and teeth grinding (bruxism) that contributes to TMJ pain.

It’s important to note that TMJ pain is complex.

After all, the jaw is a complex part of the body.

The temporomandibular joint is used so many times every day for eating and speaking. When the joint is overworked or displaced, a person feels jaw pain.

Step one of your TMJ treatment is diagnosis at the dentist, where you’ll understand the causes of your TMD pain. Based on this information, your dentist will create a customized TMD treatment plan.

Dentists help determine the cause of pain so that it can be prevented and the patient finally feels relief.

The dentist typically starts with the most cost-effective and least invasive treatment options, which may include facial injections.

Your dentist can help you decide if dermal fillers or Botox are right for your TMJ treatment.

Botox may work wonders for facial tension on its own or may be used in addition to other therapy options.

To treat TMJ pain successfully, a combination of treatments may be needed, which is typical of such a complex condition.

Dermal fillers for TMJ explained:

As people age, they may lose collagen and natural proteins that provide necessary padding in their bodies. Dermal fillers are used to give some of that padding back.

For jaw pain, the dermal filler is injected in the area near the affected joint to give added cushioning.

It’s safe, affordable, and minimally invasive.

Dermal fillers help plump areas, and most fillers are made of a protein that’s naturally occurring in areas around the joints.

This extra filler may ease jaw pain from TMJ disorder.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, the only way to find out if injections can help your jaw pain is to visit your dentist for a consultation. Your local dentist may offer Botox and dermal fillers for minimally invasive TMJ treatment.


Facial aesthetics and dermal fillers may go hand in hand, but now you know that fillers are used for TMJ therapy, too.

Benefits of fillers and Botox for TMJ pain:

These facial aesthetic services help reduce the frequency and intensity of pain caused by TMJ disorder. This includes discomfort caused by excessive jaw clenching and teeth grinding.

To find out who can treat TMJ with Botox or dermal fillers, consider researching local dentists who offer TMJ therapy or cosmetic dentists trained in administering Botox.

Looking for Botox for TMJ therapy in Pittston, PA?

The team at Salvatore J Infantino DMD offers customized treatments to help patients feel their best and look their best, including Botox and dermal fillers for TMJ pain relief or for an enhanced appearance with fewer wrinkles.

Dentists are very familiar with the anatomy of the face, which is important for successful treatments of Botox and dermal fillers.

These treatments can be administered for more than just aesthetics, and believe it or not; our cosmetic dentist can help you understand the benefits of Botox and fillers that go beyond looks.

Part of feeling beautiful is feeling healthy, and Botox and dermal fillers may be right for you if you have jaw pain or frequent headaches.

Hearing the words – dentist, Botox, and TMJ – in the same sentence may have sounded strange in the past, but now you know why dentists are a great choice for Botox and dermal fillers.

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