Teeth Whitening in Pittston, PA

Quickly whiten your smile without sensitivity.

It Only Takes One Hour

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Are your teeth yellow, stained, or dull? Want an affordable way to improve your smile?

Check out professional in-office teeth whitening!

Dr. Salvatore Infantino and his team use the GLO Teeth Whitening… This text opens a new tab to the official website… system to remove years of stains and discoloration from your teeth and whiten them up to 8 shades lighter.


It only takes one appointment!

Double bonus:

There’s no pain or sensitivity with GLO!

Why Is GLO Teeth Whitening So Popular?

GLO Teeth Whitening consists of four 8-minute sessions in a ONE HOUR appointment. It’s perfect if you’ve got an event coming up or are short on time.
No Sensitivity
GLO’s teeth whitening formula is specially designed to be sensitivity-free. It doesn’t contain alcohol or carbamide peroxide, which are common culprits of tooth sensitivity after whitening.
Teeth whitening is one of the cheapest ways to improve your smile (and overall appearance!). Plus, ours is longer-lasting than over-the-counter treatments, so your dollar will go further.
Safe & Reliable
Tired of unsuccessful white strips? Dr. Sal picked GLO because of its consistent results, and he can customize the treatment to your needs. It’s also registered with the FDA!

A white smile is a sign of youthfulness and health. You could take years off of your appearance with this cosmetic dentistry treatment. Bonus: It will help diminish any smile flaws.

More Success
Whitening your teeth goes hand-in-hand with boosting your confidence, which can lead to more favorable first impressions, career opportunities, and improved relationships (friends, family, and romantic).

‘‘I always have a great experience! They provide great quality care, are professional, and stay on top of new tools/techniques. I always recommend them to friends.‘‘

Michael Q., 5-Star Google Review

Is It Worth Getting Your Teeth Whitened at the Dentist?

Dr. Salvatore Infantino holding GLO Teeth Whitening in Pittston, PA

If you need more convincing on the perks of our in-office teeth whitening, listen to these facts:

  • In-office whitening removes surface and intrinsic (deep) stains, which makes your teeth whiter for a longer period of time.
  • Unlike at-home DIY whitening kits, you don’t need several treatments. Our whitening system uses blue light activation, which speeds up treatment time to only one hour.
  • GLO’s whitening formula is specially created to minimize tooth sensitivity and gum irritation.
  • Our dental hygienists have been trained by a GLO professional to ensure safety and reliability.
  • We don’t apply it in a one-size-fits-all fashion. Treatment is customized to deliver your desired shade of white evenly.

Ready to love your smile again?

Have Questions About Teeth Whitening?

Find the answers in our FAQs below or contact us.
  • Am I a candidate?

    Most likely, yes!

    We recommend professional teeth whitening for anyone aged 16 and older.

    If your teeth and gums aren’t healthy (decay, built-up plaque, gum disease, etc.), then you may not be eligible at that moment. Rest assured, Dr. Sal will work with you to restore your oral health so you can reap the benefits of teeth whitening.

  • How much does GLO teeth whitening cost?
    For current pricing, please call our office at 570-655-1400 .

    If you need financial assistance, we’re happy to offer CareCredit… This text opens a new tab to the CareCredit website… interest-free financing for three months.

    Professional teeth whitening by a dentist may seem like more money upfront, but with longer-lasting and whiter results than most over-the-counter products, it’s a worthy investment.

  • How many shades whiter will my teeth get?
    It depends.

    Everyone is born with a unique shade of tooth enamel, so biologically, your teeth can only get as white as they allow.

    With GLO teeth whitening, you can achieve up to 8 shades whiter. If you don’t want your smile that much whiter, then we’ll adjust your treatment to reflect that.

  • How long does it last?
    First, you can rest assured that we wouldn’t offer any dental treatment if it didn’t warrant the best result.

    However, there isn’t a generic answer to this question because results vary based on each person’s habits.

    To achieve longevity with your whitening result, you’ll need to maintain it.

    This includes avoiding stain-causing foods or drinks (especially for three days after treatment) and following proper oral hygiene.

    And to really help you keep your smile white year-round, we’ll give you a complimentary take-home kit for touch-ups!

  • How do I stop my teeth from being yellow?
    It’s important to understand what causes tooth staining and discoloration in the first place:

    • Poor oral hygiene
    • Consuming foods and drinks with high acidity or dark pigments like coffee, wine, red-dyed food, etc.
    • Some types of medication
    • Smoking
    • Aging
    • Illness
    • Enamel loss

    Here are some steps to prevent your teeth from yellowing:

    • Brush your teeth with whitening toothpaste
    • Floss daily to remove plaque
    • Avoid stain-causing foods and drinks (or drink water right after consuming them)
    • Consult your doctor about your medications and side effects

    For causes like aging, illness, and enamel loss, you’ll need to consult with our dentist.

  • How else can I improve my smile?

    The following treatments also enhance your smile’s appearance:

    • Bonding
    • Porcelain Veneers
    • Gum Contouring
    • Laser Dentistry
    • BOTOX & Dermal Fillers
    • Tooth-Colored Restorations
    • Crowns & Bridges
    • Full Mouth Rehabilitation
    • Cosmetic Dentures
    • Dental Implants

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