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Dr. Salvatore Infantino

Going the extra mile to help you smile.
Black and white portrait of Dr. Salvatore Infantino, a Pittston dentist.

‘‘I don't believe in lecturing patients. Instead, I want to partner with you to come up with a solution for your smile."

Why did Dr. Sal choose to practice dentistry in Pittston?

“I actually loved tinkering with things like motorbikes and saw it was no different than dentistry. I was always amazed at how I suffered during dental treatment as a kid! No cuspidor, a drill driven by two rubber bands. I always knew that there was a squirrel chasing a nut on a treadmill, powering that drill! I wanted to deliver dental care differently where the patient’s comfort is always our top priority while providing high-quality treatment that’ll last a lifetime.”

What’s the best part of Salvatore J Infantino DMD?

“I love the technical aspects of dental procedures in general. Dental surgery is my favorite but my all-time high is seeing the tears of joys in someone’s eyes when they see the results of a cosmetic case!!”

Dr. Sal's Journey to Delivering Amazing Dentistry
Continuing Education

Tell us about the first day you opened your practice.

“My first patient actually showed up the night before I was opening. She was in extreme pain, and I extracted a wisdom tooth to get her out of pain. Our anniversary date is July 30, 1989, and we’ve been going on strong for more than 28 years.”

What do you like to do outside the dental office?

“I have two wonderful parents who have always shown love. I was recently married in 2017 to Violet (our office manager). I love to golf, especially the technical aspects of the swing. We raised and bred Akitas and have retired from it now, but we have nine Akitas here who we love and have a great life enjoying their retirement! My wife and I love to travel and our goal together is to one day be able to really really really travel!!”

Who is your hero?

“My mom. She has never had a bad word to say about anyone and she battled two different cancers within three months, colon cancer and a double mastectomy. I never ever heard her complain or even shed a tear!! If I can be half the man as she is a woman, I will have truly achieved my personal goals.”

What “lesson from mom” do you still live by?

“My mom taught us to be kind, to love hard, never forget where you came from, and always show respect to others! I was going through a rough time and she gave me a poem titled ‘I AM OK.’ It was pretty prophetic and I still read it numerous times a month.”

What flavor ice cream would you be?

“Chocolate mint chip covered with Hershey’s Chocolate Shell poured over it. You know the stuff that forms a hard crust because on the outside, I seem tough and hard but the truth is on the inside I am a softie!!!!”

I recommend Dr. Infantino to anyone who is afraid of going to the dentist. I don't do well with pain and due to an issue many years ago, I've been terrified of needing dental work. I had a root canal today; my first adult dental procedure. I have to say, Dr. Infantino far exceeded my expectations. No pain whatsoever!!!! My biggest fear was the needle for numbing and I didn't feel a thing. Can't forget to mention his amazing staff either. Very supportive and caring individuals!!

Charlene G., Dr. Sal's Actual Patient

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